5 thoughts on “Van Horn, TX”

  1. van horn may not have anything now, but jeff bezos owns land there to build a spaceport. i made a point of sleeping there when i passed through texas last month so that i can someday tell my grandkids i remember when that spaceport was just a smear in the desert where grandpa’s road trip partner learned the hard way that not all mcdonalds have bagels.

  2. See, I thought that the finest dining in Van Horn was that Mexican restaurant that’s on John Madden’s Haul of Fame. It’s certainly the most football-memorabilia-stuffed place to drink three dollar cans of beer.

  3. We stayed at the Van Horn KOA in one of their Kozy Kabins for just over half of what it would cost at any of the cute-from-the-outside-but-musty-and-ugly-inside motor lodges on the strip. Upsides: front porch swing and can’t hear 1-10. Donwnsides: bring your own linens, and coffee in the Kafe is pretty bad.

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