13 thoughts on “Maybe tuna fish AND garbage”

  1. For a second there I thought the reduced meat special additionally featured spinach and avocados, and was rather confused.

  2. Where are you headed? Don’t worry, the tuna squish will only kill you with mercury slowly!

  3. When Rob’s out of town I just eat cereal. And sometimes pasta, perhaps with salt on it. Because if it has more than two ingredients, it doesn’t really happen for me. Kind of sad.

  4. Be like a college student and live on coffee and prepackaged meals. Too bad there’s no dining hall for adulthood.

  5. “Dining” is such a grand name for what actually goes on in there. Loutish undergrads, bolting their swill before heading out on their next sexual conquest. I feel like that place could barely sustain the term “eating room,” let alone “dining hall.” Perhaps “slop burrow” or “guzzling hole”?

  6. well, a.i., there are these things called “restaurants” where you can give them money and they give you food. it’s really a pretty neat thing; you should check it out sometime.

  7. Well, Puck, there’s this thing called “wealth” where you have enough money to go to restaurants all the time. i’m sure it’s a really neat thing; but some of us are too busy making web comics and other high-fullfillment low-pay endeavors to check it out, y’know?

  8. Ah, but there’s the beauty of the Derby. YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN (empowering face).

  9. Puck, I have a feeling you don’t have a $50-a-week food budget. Or empathy.

    Also, Dorothy! You should design the next generation of milk cartons.
    “It comes out of cow boobs, everybody!”

  10. apparently i have been a troll.

    i still feel that if you are looking for a dining hall for adulthood, the closest thing that you have is restaurants.

    you’re right, mark – when i do the foodplanning it’s about $75 a week.

  11. Personally, I think those strip mall $5 teriyaki places are the closest thing to the “dining hall of adulthood”.

  12. there’s a tv ad for milk that ran here for a couple of months. in it, a little girl holding a glass of milk exclaims, “Milk! From cow boobs!”

    i translated it from filipino to english, but i swear it’s true.

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