13 thoughts on “IKEA : Tucson :: Target : Brooklyn”

  1. you would think that for a swedish firm ikea would be the most homogeneous one. often i imagined tall vikings lugging flat-pak furniture pallets into place, but it just was never meant to be.

  2. Jeremy: they have always had restaurants? Every single one I’ve been to (and that number is 5!) has had one? Maybe the one you go to is really old or maybe you just haven’t found the restaurant? :o

  3. the first time i went to ikea i got lost in childrens furnishings and didnt find the restaurant. i walked out of there with an empty stomach and arms full of small plush cephalopods.

  4. Yeah I probably just have not found the restaurant because the times I’ve been there (only a couple) I was pretty furniture-directed and not thinking about restaurants. I think this will not change; the Ikea is not a place I want to go for eating. But, it kind of blows my mind to know that one could if one desired. There is something to be said for plush cephalopods.

  5. ikea food is pretty tasty. the gravlox is decent (if you live in say, texas and cant find better for less than $30) the meatballs are tasty, and the lingonberry soda is addictive.

  6. All I have to say regarding the awsomeness of Ikea restaurants is: $1 breakfast

  7. I want to annotate this comic with prices of each item pictured. like in fight club.

  8. That’s Köttbullar, right? Personally, I’m a big fan of the gravlox.

  9. :) Same thing with Ohio’s new Ikea. Everyone I was with said so almost simultaneously.

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