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  1. Tofu, I never really liked it until I went camping with some vegans.

  2. Does tea bought in American shops really have a big ol’ Union Flag on it?

  3. Not to pry, but why do you buy soy milk AND half+half? It’s not soy half+half, is it?

  4. they do if its an english-style tea, like earl grey and such. green tea has asian-style graphics like bamboo leaves and pandas or dragons, but it all depends on the brand. then theres sweet ice tea… which shows a glass of tea with three ice cubes and a full pitcher in the background.

  5. soy milk in coffee makes the coffee turn a really unapetizing gray color, and really dosent take the bitter aftertaste off.

  6. i love the tea with the british flag on it.

    soymilk and coffee are def. not a good combo. i like whole milk in everything.

    ok, now that you know these things, life can continue. :D

  7. I like soy milk in coffee mostly because I’m lactose intolerant. We often have the same issue with the cat litter and food. It’s not always a matter of lifting it so much as carrying it home for 7 blocks :/

  8. to jen, my lactose intolerant friend.

    coffee mate is delightfully lactose free, as is the generic safeway version. also, try chocolate soymilk in your coffee. it’s mocha-y and a less grody color.

  9. the idea of a milk substitute made from soy (or rice, or almonds, or other things that you might conceivably eat in their native form) seems o.k.

    the idea of a milk substitute made from milk protein, corn syrup, vegetable oil, phosphoric acid, mono- and di-glycerides, sodium aluminosilicate, and artificial flavors seems less o.k.

    also: it’s flammable! (http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.01/start.html?pg=5).

  10. rachel, eenie:
    I have to agree that I’m not down with the “non-dairy creamer” insofar as coffeemate and its ilk. I don’t really find that plain soy milk changes my coffee to an unappetizing grey colour at all; in fact, I’ve taken many photos to the contrary: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jendockter/524022867/in/set-72157600194090195/
    Granted it’s iced and about half of the soy milk is frothed, but you get the idea; not ucky grey at all. As for using choco-soymilk; I largely drink coffee at work, so I use work-supplied soy milk which I have no say in the purchase of, not to mention I find chocolate/vanilla soy milks to be too sweet. I tend to opt for plain or plain unsweetened :/

  11. let it be known tat there are two different rachels posting in this: i am against soymilk in coffee, and i am also against non-dairy creamer. i will always vote for a farm-based fat rather than a factory-based fact.

    soy half and half is okay, i just buy the really cheap non-refrigerated soy milk that really manages to take the color out of everything. it’s just that beige.

  12. In the interest of debate I had soy milk in my coffee this morning. It was not gross, but it was less drinkable than coffee with half and half.

  13. While, by and large, I eat like a hippie, I make an exception when chemicals are delicious and not ingested in large amounts. Di-glycerides put the “lyc” in delycious, after all. Especially when it is going into something as terrible for you as coffee.

    This is the same reason that I refuse to buy organic healthy ketchup. It’s going on french fries. It will never be healthy. Why try to make a bad decision (that should be made sparingly, if ever, when you’re making an earnest attempt at being healthy) a healthy decision? The benefit will be negligible and product will be less satisfying.

    Though, for the sake of argument, I did pick up Silk’s soy creamer that does not turn things mushy gray and is (just hardly) healthier. It actually doesn’t suck.

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