8 thoughts on “She was cool with PETA”

  1. I wanted to run away and join the circus when I was young. Reading this fans the flames of the yearning that is like a small piece of burning tar inside me and I hope that there might be more derbys with insight to circus life.

  2. I am pretty sure that I turned out vegan because my parents took me to see Ringling Bros in MSG. It still sort of makes me cringe to think about those miserable elephants.

  3. People who work with captive elephants claim they thrive on having ‘jobs’ to do. Given a choice of occupations, I doubt many would apply at the circus.

  4. The other elephant job options also include: eaten when young by carnivore, dying of a treatable disease and getting poached along with running free in the wild. Don’t worry, caring for captive elephants is up there with coal mining for dangerous jobs because of all the people elephants kill each year.

  5. That is so weird…every year around my birthday (with was 2/28), ringling bros come to town. A couple of years ago, my fiance and I went to watch them walk the elephants from the train to the stadium where they would be performing. I think elephants are cool. Talk about a plate of shrimp moment.

  6. It was the queens/midtown tunnel when I watched it a few years ago. Middle of the night, elephants marching through the tunnel, no one thought it was strange. This is why I’m glad to be back in new york.

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