8 thoughts on “Separate but Equivalent”

  1. Wasabi peas are amazing, but I always need a glass of water afterward. I love the design of your latest Cat and Girl, by the way.

  2. I simply adore that single banana chip flying off the end of the scoop into oblivion. Oh little banana chip, you never had a chance.

  3. This conversation summarizes my last relationship… Except I dunno where to get wasabi peas so cheap.

  4. I guess its time to bring up how I rename some NPR shows. (ref. Making of comic)

    This American Wife
    This American Life(r)

    Speaking of Freight

    Wait Wait don’t smell me.
    Wait, no don’t, o.k wait.

    The splendid (belch).

    Only Insane.

    Our nearest best guess.

  5. Inspired by this comic, I purchased ‘Wasabi Peas’ on my last trip to the inscrutable Arabic market. Sadly, they were not wasabi peas, but merely dried, salty peas. A victim of mistranslation or something. Not bad, but not wasabi. And speaking of this market, why does anyone buy Gum Arabic, Mastic, rose water or Citric Acid (“sour salt!”) in bulk quantities? I think they just make that stuff up to baffle the credulous.

  6. I like WWDSM, but Speaking of Freight is gold waiting to be mined. I imagine it turning out like some kind of “This American Over The Road Truckers Companion”. There would be poignant stories of OTR revelations experienced during 16 hour runs, and of course music and listener submitted poems.

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