7 thoughts on “Obama shirts in the audience”

  1. 96 Tears is a good choice. My only thing is that it would make the funeral feel too much like a Wes Anderson movie.

  2. I like Jack Blacks choice in the movie ‘High Fidelity’: “One Step Beyond by Madness”

  3. fiery furnaces? I always forget that they defected to NY. they went to the same church as my boyfriend back back back in the day, or so legend goes.
    Did you know… that one or both of them went to high school with Ludacris? that never ceases to amaze me. Oak Park, IL is a font of creativity.

  4. Blues in Dallas is perfect! Simple and so gripping. Rachel, can I go to your funeral?

    Sometimes it’s funny being young.

  5. i guess i could try to keep you posted. should i start emailing you if i get a bad cold? i also want my organs donated and the leftovers buried at sea….

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