14 thoughts on “Not Covered by Warranty”

  1. I’ve managed to get coffee inside the screen of my work laptop; I’ve hoping it goes away by its self, so I don’t have to tell the IT department.

  2. wow. I was painting a picture and spilled water all over my mac. Not having the money to repair it, I went without it for six months. After that time, I took my mac in to an apple certified private repair shop, and they fixed it pro-bono. :)
    I guess I got lucky with that one…
    Sorry, I don’t imagine that helped at all.

  3. When those g3 macs first came out i got one and was setting it up and spilled a gigantic glass of ice coffee into the keyboard… maybe 5 minutes after opening the box. Spent the first 2 hours of apple ownership taking the kb apart and washing out the weird plastic electronic sheets.

    maybe its a mac thing.. the keys attract coffee molecules?

  4. Coffee deflector…On!

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  5. I’ve… dropped, stabbed, froze, lost, kernel panicked, bent, hammered, slimed and smooshed, my PowerBook, but I never ever spilled coffee on it.

  6. I spilled beer on my previous keyboard 4 times, I got so tired of putting the keys back that I just stuck them in at random, much to the consternation of less adept computer users.

    thankfully I’ve been luckier with my macbook

  7. I once tipped a fresh 12 oz hot chocolate directly into an IBM terminal kb @ work. I upended it into the wastebasket to drain. The company PC techs ran it through a dishwasher on rinse, let it air dry and brought it back the next day, working.

  8. I once spilled beer on my macbook keyboard. I had to type my undergraduate thesis without a spacebar.

  9. You can dishwasher a separate keyboard and it works great. Unfortunately I would not recommend this for whole laptops :(

    At least it’s fixable…

  10. There are mysterious spillage stains all over my mac keyboard despite not ever remembering spilling anything on it. It mostly works fine. Mostly.

  11. i wanna ask whether it was just the keyboard that wasnt working or whether the spillage reached in and messed up the rest of the hardware?

    cuz if it was just the keyboard i’d recomend to buy a $20 wireless keyboard and chug away. unless there was a short on the laptop’s keyboard locking you out (most likely).

    but my recomendation is kinda late, seeing as you already replaced it…

  12. Some of the you/Mr.Chen interactions just make me go awwww :).

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