9 thoughts on “Insufficiently Mashed Potatoes”

  1. That’s what I’ll do. Today is cold and I’ll be inside all day so I’ll bake off a batch of spuds with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. Roasted potatoes create their own possibilities. And keep the kitchen warm.

  2. my favorite game to play with DD is “guess what brand of beer.” is it session?

  3. i’ve never had session beer, is it a local brand? out here we only get whatever the wirtz family (of the blackhawk hockey and judge & doplh liquor distribution fame) wants to let in.

  4. I’m Anthony Perez and I approve this Donation Derby. Seriously I like all these things, though I’ve only had session beer once.

  5. I never saw Session until I moved out west. Maybe it’s like a western US thing? Who knows.

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