15 thoughts on “Happy Hour 1/2 Off Kitty Wells”

  1. why would you sleep with hank III? you know he wont pay child support.

  2. I’d like that on a bumper sticker. “Hank Williams III slept with my ex.”

  3. The guy with the trucker doesn’t happen to be John McCrea by any chance? Looks just like him.

  4. hee!

    although Hank Williams’ name is Hiram, his son and grandson have “Hank” as their middle name. the legacy is less in their birth names and more in their stage names.

  5. the guy in the trucker’s cap is halfway to a very “meta” country song…

  6. 20-30 Dollars can educate A Girl in Afghanistan for a year, Please put that in there.
    I know good is kind of passe these days, but you prefer Self-Rightgeousness, Right ?

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