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  1. the smug smile of dorothy’s cuts me like glass, for i’ve been in mr. chen’s shoes. except in my case my sister called my parents to tell them about how i had forgotten where i had parked the car and reminded me everytime we rode together… the shame doesnt wash away.

  2. So is this similar to when my grandmother lost her glasses after putting them on the top of her head?

  3. I have, in the past, panicked about losing my keys/cell phone/ID when it was in my hand. I have also placed objects where they belong (food in the fridge or notes for a class in that class’s folder, for example) and then searched every other place, assuming I’d misplaced them before even checking the correct spot.

    I am sure that, if I could drive, I would forget my car.

  4. i did that three times one day. i woke up one morning and the city needed to block off my street to fix something underground. so i go, move my car, go back to sleep. wake up, the city’s done meddling, i go out to where car normally is, and freak out. find car, go to work, come back to the parking garage, cant find my car, but i do find some broken glass and old paper coffee cups where i thought my car was. doubting anyone would steal my car, i look in the same spot a level up and yes, my car is there. Stopped at the grocery store on my way home, i can usually park in the same spot. i didnt, and then i had no clue where my car was for another half hour or so.

  5. I lost a vintage Rolex watch for 15 months in 1992 – 1994. I found it when a light bulb burned out and I had to climb on top of a wardrobe to change it. How it got up there still haunts me. Pixies?

  6. Oh yeah. I do that all the time with my car. Its pretty inconvenient.

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