11 thoughts on “Coasters Fans”

  1. It’s probably a stylistic choice, but what is Mr Chen doing with his other hand?
    I normally mess up when I try to cut something unsteadied.

  2. Are these the kind that don’t get fried? I used to call them spring rolls b/c it made seasonal sense to me, fresh light ingredients un-fried, but around the southern parts they refer to them as summer rolls and spring rolls as a smaller (usually with a pork mixer inside) and fried crisp.
    I need to learn how to make them whatever the case, I’m spending too much money ordering them out all the time. Recipe?

  3. Great, now I have to go to Ba Le after work. Freakin’ cartoon triggered compulsions…

  4. thank you for sharing the recipe & magazine.

    “a home + living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation”

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