5 thoughts on “Camping – Accomplished”

  1. I served food for 7 years and I judged people for their orders constantly. Finally one day I snapped when a lady stole from the tip jar to pay for the extra butter she wanted me to melt on her cookie. There may have been language.

  2. Melt… Butter… On her Cookie… Is this an obscure sexual euphamism? Because the idea of putting butter on a cookie of any kind makes me want to vomit in terror.

    I’m always afraid of wait staff judging me.

    I worked retail for eight years, and I felt like saying to every nervous person trying to hide their porn or their diet books or their smutty romance novels: “I don’t care. Buy four copies of Playgirl and a book on growing marijuana. I DON’T CARE. Just pay me promptly and don’t be a dick and get out.”

  3. Mister Chen doesn’t mind doing things just for the LOLs. You teach us so much, good sir.

  4. yeah but on cartoons they skewered the hot dogs on the middle (instead of like mr chen) so if you tried it on real life it’d fall apart into the fire… i always thought it was a very elaborate prank tex avery pull on all of us.

  5. You are supposed to fire harden the stick first so it doesn’t get a weird sap flavor.

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