8 thoughts on “Are You A Sho Chiku Bai Man?”

  1. wait… the walmart charged you twice? or was it the indian grocery store? my walmart does not have a liquor license, but i’ve been to plenty of ones that do.

  2. you could use CheezWhiz for cheese mortar; and I actually have a cheese slicer that’s pretty much trowel-shaped..

  3. They do that kind of thing ALL THE TIME — you always have to check the receipt for double charges on non double items.

  4. oh

    the other day at this sushi restaurant i ordered an asahi but the waitress brought me hot sake instead


  5. Sho Chiku Bai is available in my state’s liquor commission stores for $ 5.87 per 750 ml bottle. Beers in the average bar in my state run $4 each for bud/miller/coors.

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