Hungry for Hamburgers
  • Tacoma
    February 9, 2009

    The vampiric hamburger mayor is shamefully eating his kin.

  • M
    April 21, 2009

    That really does look like fangs.

  • tubejay
    May 22, 2009

    and ronald is really a zombie, the clown suit and white makeup are a thin disguise.

  • Dreaming Pixel
    October 6, 2009

    No, Ronald is actually one of the manifestations of IT.

  • Fren
    May 28, 2010

    I’m so rich I fill my pool with the tears of orphaned children crap that was two comics ago. Robble robble?

  • Henry
    October 22, 2010

    This comment is long. And not particularly interesting, so feel free to skip it. Or just read the first few lines. And prepare to be disappointed if you’re somebody whom has a twisted logic that decries my acknowledgement of the dullness that the following body of text is.

    I’m a little annoyed at myself that I’m obsessed enough to not be able to not care about slight mistakes. In this case, it would be known that “IT”‘s name is Pennywise.
    I know that I’m being pedantic and ridiculous in pointing out something that the author of the incorrect statement, which I feel obliged to point the correction for, has a high chance of never reading the response. I also know that it’s a stupid thing for me to care for, particularly since what I’m saying is the truth is potentially as wrong as the original statement, due to I not actually being sure whether the name “Pennywise” applies to creature in general or simply the clown manifestation.
    And after spending 1-2 minutes writing that, I now realise how far I stray from the actual comic of Cat and Girl. And debating whether my stupid, obsessed and petty comment should actually be posted for hundreds or thousands to see and not care at all about, instead noticing the ridiculousness amounts of pointless effort put into it.
    Of course this is all paranoia caused by a possible inferiority complex. And as I outlined myself, it is near useless to reply, unless you find some form of humour in the words which spout from my fingers.
    I now realise, to add to my earlier “I now realise” that I have even strayed a fair distanced from my original meaning for this body of text.

  • skippy
    November 19, 2010

    gee, when he said a manifestation of it, i thought he meant the geeky tech guys who fix the company’s computers

  • frostyplum
    July 10, 2015

    you can tell he’s white collar by the polo and the watch.

  • Anonymous
    September 24, 2016

    The only “IT” I know of is the planet-controlling brain from A Wrinkle In Time.

  • greg
    February 6, 2017

    Henry, Pennywise the clown is just a mask. It’s true form is revealed near the end of the novel. And it ain’t a clown. And it prolly ain’t named Pennywise.

    But yeah, I get where you’re coming from

    Anonymous, there are lots of “Its”. The one from Wrinkle in Time stands out to me as well. As does, Marvel’s “It The Living Colossus”. Also a 1956 movie called “It Conquered the World.”

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