• Tudza
    August 16, 2022

    I kinda like sun dried tomatoes. Besides, their power has waned since the rise of avocado toast.

  • David Thomsen
    August 17, 2022

    The only time I ever used a mason jar was to eat a deconstructed banoffee pie out of it

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Gifts for Everyone

November 24, 2021

(OK, Fun gifts for some and passive aggressive gifts for others)

Zine Bundle
Issues 3 through 10 and the I remember when nothing happened mini-zine. Only FOUR available, so these should be around approximately forever. $85

2022 Zine Gift Subscription
The three zines scheduled for next year (approximately February/June/October) and whatever extras might come with them. Cost: the same as a year of support on Patreon, but the little prizes are shipped to someone else! Comes with a welcome card sent to you or the recipient. $60
(I’ll reach out to you about where you want things sent, so please use an email address you check!)

Topatoco Store
Here are t shirts, books and lil’ statues mailed out by Absolute Professionals

The Remainder Store
You know what back ups at the port of Long Beach have not affected, is, the supply of things in boxes in my small home. Order soon to get them faster (I am not an Absolute Professional)

Old News Is Good News

July 23, 2021

Because a search-proof archive of 1,000+ comics gets a little daunting…

(1) Here’s a very incomplete subject index.

(2) I’ve started posting some of the old cartoons Fridays on Twitter. And who doesn’t want to go back to 2001 and relive the death of the referent?

And you can always get the new cartoons emailed to you every week.

>> PIC Bank in the Form of a Pig, Harry Allen, Brooklyn Museum, also every single boutiquey store in Williamsburg around that time

Here we are still existing in this world

February 26, 2021

Stuck between the hegemony of Big Internet and a real hard place -> Patreon