The Other Places

September 13, 2023

Platypus (Ornithorhynchus Paradoxus) illustrated by Charles Dessalines D' Orbigny (1806-1876). Digitally enhanced from our own 1892 edition of Dictionnaire Universel D'histoire Naturelle.

As the monoplatforms that displaced the monoculture shudder (above: monotremes), we here at the Cat and Girl social media department (employees: 1/28 of a person) would like to celebrate the fact that all the feeds and accounts you need to keep you from looking here, at this website, are – briefly – working. So come join us for your distraction-from-environmental-catastrophe needs –

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via mastodon
via email (and millionaire) at Substack beehiiv
via millionaire at tumblr
via billionaire at bluesky
via billionaire at instagram
and, for luddites who don’t mind web-based subscription platforms, there is a (millionaire-adjacent) patreon that sends out zines

Or, as said: “‘why would you use that site? don’t you know it’s financed by someone evil?’ yeah well i made my own websites and you all stopped going to websites so i have to use the evil ones you like instead of my own.”

What’s in your time capsule?

June 26, 2023

Drew a comic about time capsules, Flushing Queens and how long 5,000 years is – over at the Nib.

All Times Are Limited, Strictly Speaking

November 25, 2022

For the next week the attic store is going to be OPEN AGAIN for orders. There’s a limited amount of stuff in there! And I have a limited amount of patience with the current modern era of packing and shipping things. So this will be it for the next couple of months, good luck getting three Graces on coasters when you decide you need them THEN.