• treon verdery
    August 6, 2023

    If it is consolation, AI, just like the Human Philip K Dick, can make completely new stories. Think of brain scans of people experiencing stuff, maybe media, maybe living, that makes brain activation area shapes. Then, dose people on MDMA so they will have a good time no matter what, and stimulate people’s brain areas at locations that never previously have been recorded to occur together/networked/sequenced. Then give them the option of writing new stories about what they’ve experienced.

    You might like Dave Pearce’ Hedonistic Imperative. It speaks to you liking life, which is where I sense you giving Girl kind of a gentle O’cmon at many comics. I think Dave Pearce might have tried MDMA. if you happen to live in Oregon, it is only a $100 no penalty citation if something goes amiss. If you say you’d like to try it I will papyal you $80. I think that might be a couple doses. People that really like it say take a full dose, so that’s the thing. Then, try 1/4 doses a week apart, and try writing the comic on a partial dose and publish it!

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