The Solitary Genius
  • Nadine
    September 23, 2014

    I’m not interested until someone invents the bass boost.

  • lcrl
    September 23, 2014

    Plese at least Cr02 tape, we aren’t savages here.

  • Sumit Khanna
    September 23, 2014

    I don’t remember bass boost on tapes. That was on CD players, with the 10 second skip protection that ate through your battery. And oh the metal,cr02,regular switch. Man…nostalgia.

    Kids these days will never appreciate what we once had to do to have portable music.

    …Now get off my lawn!

  • BenK
    September 24, 2014

    Bass boost was definitely available on tapes…

  • Bill Freese
    September 24, 2014

    Bass boost was on my amp. I used it on LPs. You could even use it on 78s. Never on the wire recorder, though.

  • Jim
    September 28, 2014

    I like that, instead of doing it herself, Girl’s popsicle throws off the sweat beads of surprise. (I think there’s a komics jargon for them, but I am not a komicsizer, so I don’t know what it is).

  • Mr Lapin
    October 5, 2014

    Those are plewds.

    Now if I could just remember the important things.

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