• Jojo the Monkey
    December 16, 2020

    I got dibs on the boxcar in the ditch by the Amazon Fulfillment Facility in Bakersfield, CA!

    Hope the Bezos posse ain’t out tonight with the axe handles, tho. They busted up ma real good last night…

  • Jack Bross
    December 20, 2020

    I mean, technically with the pandemic, for a lot of people ice cream and cream of mushroom soup actually do taste the same.

  • mike
    December 22, 2020

    Six hundred dollars for people out of work for months!

  • SLR
    January 1, 2021

    Is this bunny a new character? An old character? Or a one-shot?
    “the lying-to-yourself lagomorph” or something?

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