• Anonymous
    September 11, 2011


  • Esn
    September 11, 2011

    I don’t understand the meaning of Cat’s last line… could someone please explain it?

  • BenK
    September 11, 2011

    … and I’m near-sighted, far-sighted, and short-sighted.

  • Knute
    September 11, 2011

    Last line: I’m not sure it has a single meaning. To me it means that time has the very distant past and yesterday and everything in between.

  • M Dubz
    September 11, 2011

    So haunting and lovely. I would LOVE to buy this as a print.

  • Stewart J
    September 11, 2011

    Or is it memory that provides (and distorts) distance?

  • Ben
    September 12, 2011

    To me, Cat’s last line is a reminder that “smaller” girl wasn’t wrong, but nor is bigger girl. Time is experienced as memory, and memory doesn’t deal with time in a particularly linear way.

  • Emily Z.
    September 12, 2011

    For hating on Proust so much, Dorothy does tend to dwell on similar themes…

  • j-d
    September 17, 2011

    to me, cat is comic relief

    i don’t know what you people are ever talking about

  • Gareth
    December 14, 2011

    ‘what is time?’… ooo all of a sudden i feel sick :(

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