Don't make me go back to Retrospect
  • Nadine
    March 20, 2012

    It’s confectioner’s custard!

  • Jyosh
    March 20, 2012

    It is using this logic that i have justified giving up on any competative circumstance.

  • Bill Freese
    March 20, 2012

    As long as you arm is strong and your blade is sharp, you don’t have to go back to anything you don’t want to.

  • Loumo
    March 20, 2012

    It’s paint. Krispy Kreme are now carrying paint doughnuts, I believe.

  • Jacob
    March 20, 2012

    Oh god, this is how I feel whenever I win at something.

    I am a very broken person. x_x

  • Toxic Del
    March 20, 2012

    Why get sober, ask that girl out, go back to college to be a mortician? ‘Cuz even little victories are still victories, and the paint is always sweeter in a doughnut.

  • Full Metal Lion
    October 20, 2012

    Paint? I say it’s blood. Which makes Cat a fair bit more terrifying.

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