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  • ken
    October 8, 2009

    high fructose cat?

  • P
    October 8, 2009

    It reminds me how lucky we are to have the NHS over here (UK)

  • Divine Right
    October 8, 2009

    Sounds like something you wouldn’t like but would put up with because there’s no alternative.

  • Oliver
    October 8, 2009

    Damn, I can’t even remember the last time I drank soda‚Ķ

  • Nathan Olsen
    October 8, 2009

    I always wondered what “NYM” stood for on all those nutrition labels.

    This one made me laugh out loud for reals, by the way. Thanks!

  • John K
    October 8, 2009

    is that soda company lobbying against the public option?

  • tubejay
    October 9, 2009

    i don’t know if soda companies lobby against the public option. there’s stuff about the ceo of whole foods on huffington post though. (why huffington post… i searched for an article, those were the first things i found.)

  • Andrew S
    October 12, 2009

    At least it’s not paint!

  • Gareth
    October 12, 2009

    Yeah, makes me glad I live in Australia where we have Universal health care too. I had my brain tumour taken out on it… and the plastic surgery to make me look nice again on it too.
    I love Australia :)

  • Kristine
    October 14, 2009

    I have 5 cans of something closely related to Dr. No Health Insurance every day. Damn addicting, it is.

  • C.
    November 5, 2009

    Soda taxes… man..

  • Tzade
    December 22, 2009

    Sometimes I wish all the nutrition labels on foods read “Never you mind”.

  • Gareth
    February 21, 2011

    Move to Australia, we have free socialised health care.

  • Golux
    October 7, 2013

    Meh, Americans love potential bankruptcy and spiraling health costs. Also electing members of a party whole sole platform was shutting down the government. “We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

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