Signed books

Have your mass produced objects brought low by the feeble hand of humanity (mine).

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Original “art”

Nothing fancy or archival, just a pen making pictures on 8.5×11 ink jet paper and the rogue pen or pencil marks that attend the process. Email dorothy:at:catandgirl to check on the condition and availability of the cartoon you desire before placing your order. $60 worldwide.

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Sticker, card, life is hard. And buttons

$5 for 5 things, $10 for ten things. Just name what you’d like in the field provided.
Options: Katze und Madchen sticker, Fish gets a bicycle sticker, Future Corpses sticker, Renter of a Lonely Heart sticker, by Jonathan Franzen sticker, Skull Island sticker, Future corpses cook-off stickers x 2, Pancakes suck button, Bomb and matches card (int: Together we can do anything), People do terrible things to each other card (int: SURPRISE) SOLD OUT, Four postcards of international electrical standards baked into loaves of bread, Thanks for nothing card (int: And the money), The best case scenario is card (int: One day you will watch me die), If you don’t have dreams card (int: What will you give up?), We’re moving postcards SOLD OUT

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The three Graces

Three 3.75″ heavyweight kraft coasters silkscreened on both sides. Drawings by Mister Chen.


School pack

Four “I’m Wasting My Life” pencils, one Bad Decision Dinosaur eraser and a shiny, smooth pencil case that you can pet like it is the stomach of a domestic animal who resides in your home.


It is a cassette tape

Last of the bands I’ve been in. Recorded in Dan’s basement. Ten songs, silkscreened cassette, photocopied insert and a download code for those of you without 1995 Toyota Corollas.