Those Who Forget History
  • tubejay
    May 23, 2009

    …regurgitating things they thought they read the victors say. yet it’s still better than the history channel.

  • Sordatos
    March 1, 2010

    History channel sucks. I full of US patriotic propaganda ( i remember a program about 10 soldier killing like 200 Nazis)

    Supposedly, since anybody can rewrite or edit Wikipedia , its in constant revision so that and the “need” for proper quotation would make up for any mistakes; of course its not the most reliable source, but i pretty good for pop culture and some comon lore..

  • F Button
    September 9, 2010

    HS = Innacuracies as a ploy for viewership

    Wiki = Innacuracies unintentionally

  • Johnny Austin
    February 1, 2019

    In the Great War, or world war one, the Australians who could tell the history of colonial times, the genocide, were put between the guns of the french and the English and shot down like dogs.

    The survivors held a mock parliament, while awaiting the boats to take them home, for they would not get another chance like this.

    They were largely ignored, a footnote if you know where to look.

    Gallipoli wasn’t an accident,
    It was a planned slaughter of my people,
    By a bunch of nasty racist arseholes.
    The ones who were so inspirational to the afrikaner apartheid state, and to the nazis.

    And every year the serve my ancestors heads on a plate with a garnish of lies while the ignorant wave the flag and prepare to blindly repeat history.

    History is written by the survivors.
    Broadcasting lies is the privilege of the rich.
    You don’t own land.
    You own guns.
    You might hide them behind paper,and have men with badges carry them for you, but the voter, en masse, is the boot on the throat of those who would oppose.

    If there is no land where i can hunt, nowhere I can be free of the law of the city,
    When I am handed a contract that says
    “Agree to work for minimum wage or we will cut you off and starve you, or leave you at the mercy of the church that rapes and tortured your kin.”
    What is the difference from slavery?

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