• James
    December 4, 2019

    I was going to make a comment about how I live in an area with a nice transit program, with only a few flaws. Then I kept going, more flaws than qualities. Flaws I face daily, sometimes compounded by human error or technical breakdown.

    What I mean is, let’s fix the bus system.

  • Bill Freese
    December 9, 2019

    I am reminded of a day in Ecuador when I suggested a barricade or at least some orange cones would be good to put up around the large, deep hole in the sidewalk. The response I got was, “Mary will protect us.”

  • Elliptical Reasoning
    December 12, 2019

    @Bill Freese
    It’s a little bit unfair to mock a seriously impoverished country for not protecting its citizens against a danger they can easily avoid with even minimal attention.

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